Friday, October 28, 2011

Circle Hack: Get circles in Facebook like Google +

If you have been raving about the Circles feature in Google +, you now have the option of having the same in Facebook too. This comes courtesy a Facebook application, called Circle Hack (

To use this, first go to the website,

Allow the application access as you normally do for any other Facebook application.

Once logged in, you will be presented with a page where there are two distinct sections. The first section, shows your friends, and the bottom section, shows circles. You can select an appropriate circle, and add them to the circle or group.

Once you have finished adding or grouping your friends in circles, you can click on the ‘Create List’ link that appears in the center of your new circle. This new list is now listed as an option in the ‘Friends’ section.

While this sounds to be great, there are some minor (or major) problems. For starters, you simply cannot remove a friend from a list by dragging them out of it. Deleting circles is also not possible. You also have to change privacy settings, by logging in to Facebook

All in all, a nice start – but a long way to go!