Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to send attachments via tweets in Twitter

While Twitter is great for sharing information quickly, there is one thing that it does not have today - the ability to send attachments.

However, developers do spot opportunities - and accordingly, Pigeon Carrier, has been created to combine the strengths of Twitter and DropBox to create a service that is extremely useful.

With a Google Chrome or Firefox extension, you can effortlessly upload files to your DropBox using Twitter and then share the link with everybody.

You can download the Firefox extension here:

Here is how you can start using the service:

1. Visit Twitter and start a tweet
2. Click the "Add Attachment" button [This should be visible after you install the Firefox or Chrome Extension]
3. Authorize the extension with Dropbox
4. Attach the file required to Dropbox
5. Click "Attach" to insert the attachments
6. Send the Tweet