Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ensure privacy on Facebook with a simple tool

As a normal Facebook user, you would want to control who has access to your wall posts. Most of the times, we are confused why our friend’s friend can see our wall posts – even if the friend’s friend is not directly connected to us.

While there are enough privacy controls in Facebook, a majority of these are so complex, that it is extremely tough for an average user to implement them.
Is there a simpler option? Yes, there is. Head over to a simple but great website called

Instead of reading, implementing and interpreting hundreds of privacy rules, this website gives us a simple and clutter free way to understand the areas where we can be vulnerable and weak with respect to privacy on Facebook.

All you have to do is go to this website, and drag the bookmark into your Firefox browser. Next, log on to your Facebook user account, and click the ‘Scan for Privacy’ bookmark. For me, it was an eye opener.

The website reveals the key areas where Facebook can share information such as contacts, connections or photos with tags to the public. It also looks at the kind of applications that are connected to your Facebook account. It then classifies the areas from where information could be leaked.

Using this website, one can then proceed to change the insecure settings, as pointed out by the website.

Check out the website at: