Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to transfer and send huge files

What if you wanted to send a huge file to your friend, but did not want to use the standard options such as Rapidshare or any other upload website.

Take a look at Sendoid, accessible at the website,

The greatest advantage with Sendoid is that it allows you to instantly share files from your own computer. It uses peer to peer sharing technologies (P2P) to transfer large files – which means that files are never uploaded to any website or server.

Once you point to a file using Sendoid, the website will create a link that you can send to your friend for sharing – just like does. Once your friend clicks on the link sent by you, Sendoid then directly transfers the file from your computer to your friend's PC. Think of this service like a fax that sends data from one end to another.

You can use the website to send files up to 1 GB. However, if you want to share a larger file, use the desktop edition that allows one to transfer large files beyond 1 GB.

All that one has to remember is that both your desktops need to be online at the time of transfer. In case of a shutdown of one computer, or in case the Internet connection breaks down at one or both the ends, Sendoid has the ability to resume partial downloads and restart downloads.

You can access the website at